Growth & Development

District 1 is ripe for new development, industry, and growth. District 1 residents should be aware of the opportunities that are being brought to their community and should have a voice in how that growth occurs. Growth and development, when planned for and done with community involvement, benefits all of the citizens of Corpus Christi.

Utilities & Infrastructure

Corpus Christi needs a cohesive plan in place that prioritizes street and sidewalk repair, maintenance, and upkeep. The funds that are available need to be utilized efficiently to ensure that consistent progress is made across the city. District 1 has seen great progress in the downtown area, but much more can still be made both there and throughout other parts of the district. It is important that the entire district receives the same attention that projects like downtown revitalization have received.

Police & Fire

Corpus Christi has experienced massive growth and will only continue to do so. Corpus Christi needs to support our public servants and provide them with the funds, facilities, and manpower they need to be successful and safe in their day to day job duties.

Local Business

As a small, local business owner myself, I understand the difficulties small business owners face. Local and small businesses in District 1 are very important to me. Locally owned businesses are the backbone of Corpus Christi and should always be viewed as a priority when it comes to decisions being made by local government.


Corpus Christi needs a long term solution to aid the local homeless community. Collaboration between private citizens, non-profit entities, and other community members alongside the City of Corpus Christi will be integral in creating a positive solution for everyone involved. Strategic partnerships with those experienced in fighting homelessness is key.